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What’s New?

See how Dr. Mark Woodall is using cold laser therapy and the foundations of proper movement to help patients with osteoarthritis and other conditions. Several trials show promising results to reduce or even STOP the pain.

IV hours have changed, and we are now offering them all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-4 with nurse Heidi!

A warm welcome to our new chiropractor, Dr. Maggie Robertson. She will be seeing patients of all ages, so call and schedule today!

We are having a Warm Fuzzy Drive during the month of October. Throughout October, we have a donation bin near the front desk to accept new or gently worn coats and jackets to be donated to children and families in need. Please help us make this a great donation this year.

As always, nutritional supplements are now available at the clinic dispensary for those who prefer to pick these up during a visit to the office.



About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Finally found someone who instills confidence in me that she knows her stuff. All my complaints that I have had for years have been corrected in just a few weeks. I’m so thankful I found Dr. Shah and that she is in Issaquah. Although I’d travel much farther to be under her care. She’s awesome.

- Teesha

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

I felt like I was more than a number or a patient to her. She listened carefully to my history and made me feel my health issues are not a lost cause. I have a lot of faith in her as a doctor and would recommend her practice to anyone :)!!!

- Sarah

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Shah looked through my labs and immediately saw deficiencies that related to my symptoms, had suggestions for what could help, and ideas to pursue for what might be causing them. She was very helpful with both my health and insurance/finance issues, and quite easy to talk to. Highly highly recommended!

- Lindsey

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Shah is compassionate, knowledgeable and incredibly down to earth. Office visits feel like visiting with an old friend who happens to have a wealth of knowledge (and a prescription pad!) I would (and have) reccomend her to absolutely anyone.

- Bethany

About Hannah Epstein, Clinical Nutritionist:

Hannah has been so helpful, I have unusual dietary needs, and she knew exactly how to help me.

- Barbara

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Once again, Dr Shah was attentive, intuitive, and comforting. We have never met a doctor with her compassion. Always willing to explore all medical avenues. This is from two people who spent a total of 45+ years of working in hospitals.

- Linda

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

I have been a huge fan of Rian Shah since our first meeting. I believe she is the best health care partner for me.

- Deborah

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

I have been disappointed in my past/previous doctors, they would see me for a matter of 5-10 minutes… This doctor however is totally different! I feel much more confident in Dr. Shah than any of my previous doctors. I wish I had found her years ago!! Do not hesitate to go see her, if you are debating just go! You won’t regret it!!

- Alicia

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Shah is the first doctor who has really listened to me and who truly understands. I feel like she is my partner in good health and I really needed one. Thanks to her my hormones are balanced, my insomnia gone and my whole family is happier!

- Susan

About Hannah Epstein, Clinical Nutritionist:

I have been working with Hannah for about a year and she continues to search for new and helpful ways to help me with dietary changes and supplements. Hannah also is very responsive to my schedule and physical challenges.

- Tom

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

That’s the best I have been in years, thanks to Dr. Shah!

- Carol

About Alexandria Easter, Naturopathic Doctor:

My consultation with Dr. Easter was great. Her good energy is contagious. I came away with the feeling that I can become a much healthier person with her good advice. I look forward to seeing her again.

- Geri

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

I am so grateful to Dr. Shah for listening to me and working with me to solve my health issues. She is patient, knowledgeable, thorough and kind. She gets results too! I am 20 lbs. lighter with TONS more energy than when I first went to see her. Vibrant health is an ongoing process and I am so happy I have found Dr. Shah!

- Jaycee

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Shah has the best bedside manner. She exhausts every option and doesn’t rest until she solves my medical issues and does so with true empathy! She is always timely, extremely thorough and I always feel comfortable talking to her about anything!

- Susan

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Shah is amazing! So caring, thorough and willing to do what it takes. She is very prompt and willing to answer questions and return call/emails!

- Sara

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Shah takes the time to listen and is very professional, I think she is awesome!!

- Kathy

About Rian Shah, Naturopathic Doctor:

I loved everything about my first visit to Dr. Shah’s office, from the front desk to the blood draw. Dr. Shah was very patient and thorough – totally non-judgmental and encouraging. I feel as if I’m in great hands! Absolutely recommend!

- Bette

About Hannah Epstein, Clinical Nutritionist:

Hannah is amazing. Very helpful with meal planning and alternatives for the every day meals. She is working with my entire family – husband, two daughters under 10 and me!

- Karen

About Hannah Epstein, Clinical Nutritionist:

I have worked with Hannah for over 8 years. She started me on my journey to eating healthy and in eliminating processed food and gluten from my diet. Continuing to work with her I have learned the latest in nutritional ideas, recipes and she helps keep me on track! She is a wonderful support!

- Diane

About Hannah Epstein, Clinical Nutritionist:

This was my second appointment with Hannah and I’m very happy with my results since my initial consultation. I feel so much better knowing I’m eating the correct foods to achieve my goals and it’s working. Her ideas and knowledge have helped me so much!

- Carolyn

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